The winery Corte Aleardi belonging to the Ferrari Family produces wines in an enthusiastic and expert way, using the fruits of its vineyards that are situated in the classic Valpolicella, in the township of S.Ambrogio di Valpolicella and S.Pietro incariano.In the old village of Gargagnago (in the township of S.Ambrogio) is situated the 15th century mansion with its cellars, outhouses, 2 hectares olive groves and 3 hectars vineyards.

However, it is in the hilly region of Bure Alto in the township of S.Pietro, in the 8 he. vineyards belonging to the Ferrari family, that the farm obtains its best grapes.

The Ferrari family has run its farm since 1789. Aleardo Ferrari's property is in a state of slow but continuous evolution, both in the winery and also out of doors in the vineyards, where gradually he is replacing the old pergolas with new training systems and new clones which are more suitable for producing top-quality wines. The range is increasingly focused on catering for a market that demands products of a very high standard.