Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore

Valpolicella doc classico superiore has a bright medium strenght ruby red colour, enriched by warm garnet red reflections. Its vinous bouquet becames an ethereal perfume or iris, violets and almonds. It is velvethy smooth, warm and refined.

Vineyeards: hilly Vineyeards of Bure Alto and Montepalà

Grape varieties: 60% Corvina, 25% Corvinon, 15% Rondinella

Wine-making: Is is obtained by traditional wine making techniques using the above mentioned grapes which are carefully selected. After fermentation the valpolicella doc classico superiore is aged at least 12 months in oakenbarrels in our underground cellar.

Ageing: 12 months in big Slavonian oak barrels

Alcohol grading: 13,50% vol

Serve at: 18 °C.