The winery of Corte Aleardi belongs to the Ferrari family who have produced wine for many decades using their authentic expertise and passion to produce the best wine. The vineyards are located in the Valpolicella, just above S.Ambrogio and S.Pietro in Cariano in the small village of Gargagnago. The 15th century mansion, with its antique cellars, and grounds of over 2 hectares of olive groves and vineyards is the perfect location to house this traditional family wine producing business.  Just below Gargagnago, in the hills of Bure Alto, is where the best grapes are grown and meticulously cared for by the Ferrari family.

The Family

The Ferrari family has been producing wine in Gargagnago since 1789. During these years the production of wine has evolved and grown. The range of wines although traditional have been designed to keep up to date with the current market and demands. The range of wines is always produced with high quality results. The proof is in the tasting.


The Wine Cellar

The 15th century building houses the prefect wine cellar built in the 1700s. The constant temperature in the cellars is the best for the ageing process and is used for vinification and bottling. Thanks to this historic cellar the best Valpolicella wine is created.


Bure Alto Vineyard

Located in the perfect position near S.Pietro in Cariano, its exposed to the southeast warmth and rainfall. The soil a mixture of calcium, sand and silt deposits creates the perfect growing conditions for the vines.


Montepalà Vineyard

The hilly vineyard MontepalĂ  is situated in the town of S.Ambrogio di Valpolicella, it is exposed to south and its soil is rich in calcium and well irrigated the small deposits of gravel.


Fruit Loft

The drying process of the selected grapes takes place in natural condition in our fruitlofts.